*Primary Photography Michael Auliso,  Supplemental Photography Clive Loveless



On the topic of photography, John Giltsoff always has at least one object I want to photograph but can't.  This time it was a Dogon Tellem figure around 22 inches dating to the 16th-17th C.  Unfortunately the topic of photographs is completely "taboo" with John.  He told me he hates publicity and even declined Bill Jamieson's film crew access to his gallery who were finishing filming for the up coming series "Chasing History".  While I understand and appreciate his position, it is frustrating from a reportage standpoint.  But it wasn't just him, other dealers were not allowing photos either, even when I asked permission politely and explained the purpose.  One dealer told me that he didn't want his pieces exposed places like "facebook".  So I consider myself lucky I got as many photos as I did but it is by no means easy anymore.


Interior of the multi-dealer building of 17 Impasse Saint-Jacques


H. Kellim Brown with a group of Lulua figures


H. Kellim Brown collected these figures and was able to identify the carver as "Bakwa Ndolo"


A lovely Angolan Ovimbundu figure also in H. Kellim Brown's booth


Lucas Ratton (Paris) Exhibiting for the first time at Bruneaf





Mike Hamson used to exhibit at this spacious gallery on rue Sainte-Anne but this year it sat vacant



Alain Naoum (left) demonstrating a magic trick, Patrick Morgan Paris and Dave Cassera (Right)





Interior Galerie 1492, Yannick Durand (Paris)


Durand with a fine quality Vera Cruz stone axe head


(Yannick Durand) this seated stone money sculpture was from the Aztec culture and is wearing a "buccal" mask thus representing "Ehecatl" the wind God


The new gallery of Didier Claes.  I like the "Claes" awnings up to the 3rd floor.  The man certainly knows how to name brand himself.  This was a lovely gallery but unfortunately NONE of my photos turned out of the interior.  Next year I'll bring my slr camera.  Didier was exhibiting with Bernard Dulon but I couldn't quite figure out which art pieces belonged to who?


Didier holding a menu.... and still waiting to place a food order!  I was at this same cafe days before and ordered food but left after 45 minutes of waiting!  Ridiculous.   Maybe that is standard in Brussels but an establishment providing service like that wouldn't last a week in a city like Los Angeles. 


Interior of Philippe Laeremans Gallery.  This was my favorite gallery.  The design, furnishings and the art worked beautifully together and they were very cool about me taking photos.  Thanks guys!


Laeremans (downstairs)


Laeremans (downstairs)



Laeremans (downstairs)






Laeremans with a wonderful Luba figure




(Laeremans)  A Pende or Mbala helmet D.R.C 



(Laeremans) A powerful seated Teke figure (center)


(Pascassio Manfredi)  This rare Indonesian Moluccas piece is published in Borneo and Beyond (1981)


Pascassio Manfredi with an amazing Naga figure holding his phallus



For a second I thought I was in Malibu!  No... Harley's in Brussels!!


I forget who these cheerful folks were but they were happy to see me, maybe I owed them money?


A Songye exhibit from Marc Felix.  The cigar smoke is free of charge


Marc Felix and company


Joel Cooner (left) with Joaquin Pecci.  I felt bad for Joel since he had a freak accident tripping on a cobble stone and broke several ribs-- YIKES!   I refrained from telling him any hilarious jokes because it hurt when he laughed.  Hope you're healing fast Joel.


Man's best friends


Texas sized Lapdog



I was missing my good friends back home when I took this photo



Josh Dimondstein packing it in or going to settle a score with someone?



(Text and photos by Michael Auliso)

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